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Still Alive was the twelfth episode of the Bluesilver Series 6, and the first of the two-part finale, concluding with Born Anew. It concluded most of the ongoing plot-lines of the series, including the story of Leonora and Time Compression, The Silence's master plan, and the brief background appearances of The Doctor and the TARDIS throughout the series.


"I WILL NEVER LET YOU FORGET ABOUT ME" - The transmission broadcasting across all of space and time.

Leonora is still alive, and she is constructing a trap The TARDIS could never resist. Faced with a war from all sides, The Doctor must lead the universal fight against a force that threatens to destroy every moment in history.



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Bluesilver Series 6

Dreams  • Nightmares  • Morons  • The Deep End • One Moment  • Supernature  • Natural Selection  • Keeping The Peace  • Most Haunted  • The Late Amelia Pond  • Vikings of Egypt  • Still Alive  • Born Anew

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