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This page is a list of all the series wide story arcs that appear in the Doctor Who spin-off series The Guardians.

Rift arc

The entire series 1 is encompassed by the Rift story arc.


The rift is mentioned/seen in many episodes of series 1.

The Breaking Dawn

The Controller just before his defeat warns Morbius that "the Rift will open and Darkness will fall".

The Space Gangster

After the team teleports back to The Protector, an orange curtain of energy(similar to the Cardif rift) can be seen in the backgound


The Rutan prophecy: "We have seen it, the Darkness falling over creation. The Dark Lord shall open the Rift and the evil ones shall come, and onlly the Light Guardian can stop it".

Space Swap

The Bodyswaper says that he only swaped bodies with Morbius because "[he] saw the darkness and the end of everything".

The Degradation of Time

Commander Cr'it of The Skaro Degradations says that he escaped the Time War via a rift in time, later in the episode he atempts to open it and rescue the rest of the Degradations.

A Dark Collective

Another Rift similar to the ones in The Space Gangster and The Degradation of Time is discovered by the team and later used against the Darksmiths. This is the first time Morbius wonders what's causing the Rifts to occur.

Old Times in New York

Jack's former partner James Ducard atempts to tap into the power of a space-time rift found on Earth.

The Rift Opens

Warned by the Cloister Bell, the Guardians discover a colosal Rift in the Solar Sistem.


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Redemption arc

A recurring story arc beginning in series 1 and being carried into series 2.


The Might of The Daleks

Last words of the episode: Morbius mustn't recieve the chance for Redemption, he must be EXTERMINATED. - Dalek Supreme.

The Rift War

Ending narroation: We saved the universe from the darkness, but I had no concept of my greater role in events. The time will come, where the destiny of the Time Lords will be in my hands. The time will come, when I recieve my chance for Redemption. - Morbius.

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