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Strange Fruits is the fourth episode of the third Common Series, and the first of a two par story. It is, in ways, a spiritual successor to Cold Blood


"This planet should be a place of peace and harmony... Whoever's behind this has the power to see timelines and thats rarely a good thing. "
- The Doctor

The Doctor 'accidentally' crashes the TARDIS into the tropical planet Trabia. Jumping in to sway the direction of a war that should never have happened, he quickly finds the cause, a group of sorceresses out to rip the world apart. But why have they chosen Trabia? Why lock the entire planet in an endless war? And what are the secrets they have hidden in the catacombs underneath the rainforest?



Story Notes

  • Many different characters mispronounce Commander Kadiak's name. The Doctor, Rory and Eldane all pronounce it 'Kad-EYE-ak', which is remarked to be correct. Amy pronounces it 'Kad-yak' and numerous other characters (to the Commanders annoyance) pronounce it 'KAD-e-ak'.
Common Series 3
War Lord of the Sand  • Deep Blue  • Mister Sandman  • Strange Fruits  • Succession of Witches  • The Only Bad Monk  • I Am...  • Rebirth of the Cybermen  • Hearts of Darkness  • Episode 10  • Kudlak Lane  • Paradox  • Event 3


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