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Succession of Witches is the fifth episode of the third Common Series, and the concluding part to Strange Fruits.


"We will rejoin our people! The whole universe will bow down before us, the lords of time"'
- Miss Cayleetes

Having failed to assassinate Miss Cayleetes, The Doctor and the Forest Wings attempt to find another way of restoring peace to the warring planet. But the war between the natives and colonists isn't the only thing that threatens the future of Trabia, as Amy and Rory find out as they stumble into the Sorceresses stronghold. But what do the Sorceresses get out of destroying Trabia? And why are they holding back their powers?



Story Notes

  • Similar to Hath Gable and Hath Peck, Hath Molloy is named after an actor; in his case, Terry Molloy, who portrayed Davros starting from Resurrection of the Daleks through to Remembrance of the Daleks.
Common Series 3
War Lord of the Sand  • Deep Blue  • Mister Sandman  • Strange Fruits  • Succession of Witches  • The Only Bad Monk  • I Am...  • Rebirth of the Cybermen  • Hearts of Darkness  • Episode 10  • Kudlak Lane  • Paradox  • Event 3


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