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Lazarus appears ill at the end of this episode

Sunrise, Sunset is one of thirteen episodes in series 6 of doctor who, it stars Mark Gatiss reprising his role as Lazarus in a young form (proper young) and Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with Arthur Darvill as The doctor and his companion, Amy Pond and her husband, Rory, It is the 5th story of the series and is the second of 5 parts of the 'World' saga.


Paris, 1932

Richard Lazarus senior's wonderous additions of the human race exibit has just opened in Paris and Richard Lazarus Junior has some tricks up his sleeve, with a little help from the world key. The TARDIS follows Nesreen to 1932...


Matt smith as The doctor

Karen gillan as Amy pond

Arthur darvill as Rory williams

Sean Pertwee as Nesreen (continous)

Mark Gatiss as Richard Lazarus Jr/Senior

Barbara Windsor as Michelle Williams (cameo)

Catheine Tate as Barbara Pond

Secrets and Behind the scenes

Rory's Mum makes another cameo to forth-shadow her full-on appearance in the succeeding episode

Catherine Tate appeared again as Amy's Mum in this episode, prior to her death.

Mark Gatiss' character, Lazarus swore revenge on the doctor, after taking the riveriur drug, this migt have caused the Lazarus disaster to occur

as Nesreen spoke the words "they will help me" a a dead eye stork flickers blue, this could see the daleks returning in the next few episodes