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TORCHWOOD: Forever is a spin-off series of Doctor Who that features the Doctor's former companion, Karlel Arcadius and the TORCHWOOD Forever team. The first series is set to air late 2010 and will have 13 45-minute format.


TORCHWOOD Forever members

  • Karlel Arcadius - The leader of the TORCHWOOD Forever team and the main character of the series. He enjoys taking down alien invaders and learning to use new alien tech.
  • Blake Jennings - Second in command, Blake's parents were killed by a rogue Sontaran. Blake now kills any alien he finds as soon as possible.
  • Anthony Crane - A mechanics expert, Anthony has a habit of quickly figuring out alien tech.
  • James Alistair - TORCHWOOD Forever's manager, he has an office in the hub.
  • Titan - A Velociraptor that came through the rift. He is very friendly and is Karlel's pet. He usually goes on issions but sometimes has to stay in the hub.

Regular characters


Series 1

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Series 1 mainly focuses on the teams attempts to stop a newly activated rift beneath London from devouring the city. They face several aliens and a few humans, but along the way they discover lots of alien tech.