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The first series of TORCHWOOD: Forever, it mainly introduces characters and aliens.

List of Episodes

Number Title By Quick summary
1. Defenders Forever Tennantfan Introduction of the Velerax.
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A squadron of Mikrax come through the rift. The TORCHWOOD team discover that they were genetically created to be the perfect warrior. They must work together to fight off this devastating squad of warriors.
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6. Tennantfan Maladonian Vipersharks are coming through the rift into the River Thames. Now, The TORCHWOOD team must find a way of saving the challengers in the Thames Swimming Champion 2011 from being eaten.
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9. Land of Dreams Tennantfan

The TORCHWOOD team wake up on the floor, in the hub. But when they go outside, everything is distorted. Karlel realises they are in a Dream Machine.

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12. Rift in Time Tennantfan Karlel discovers the rift will devour London unless the TORCHWOOD team close it, for good. But when more than a hundred Velerax emerge, the TORCHWOOD team must make an uneasy alliance with Grace Jennings.
13. Eye of the Storm Tennantfan The rift is expanding faster and faster, and ordinary people are randomly disappearing. Grace has once again betrayed TORCHWOOD and is attempting to devour the United Kingdom with the rift.

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