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Talons of Faran are a collective higher being, appearing as shadowed figures. They are the main enemy in Season Nine.


"We are the Talons of Faran, and you are our final feast" - The Talons, to the Doctor (Time Lord)

The Talons of Faran are a collective entity, a whole being divided into several individual bodies. As their name suggests, they are parasitic, and feed off the energy of most lifeforms. They originated millenia ago, during the time of the Time Lords and other higher species. During their rise they went from world to world, devouring the energy, and the people, to fuel their "Unending Hunger". This earned them their name "Devouring".

After the Time War

"We survived, like you, Doctor. We survived, the unending hunger drove us, fed our desire for energy!" - Talons of Faran (The Remnants of Time)

Sometime after the Time War, the Talons resurfaced, returning their devouring blight to the universe. They carved their way across worlds, searching for the surviving Time Lords, to feed their hunger. Around the events of I' Am The Doctor, the Talons arrived on the edge of reality and poised the Divine Vortex to lure the Doctor and wipe his memory, allowing his mind to be an easy target for the hunger. The Doctor escaped and restored his memories with the help of his companions. The Talons left signs across time itself, in ancient Greece (Gods and Men) and modern day Earth (A Shadow On The Glass), before they finally lured the Doctor with a fake Gallifrey, trapping his companion Billy on Earth (Time Lord, The Remnants of Time). Using the ruined matrix of Gallifrey, which the Talons of Faran had salvaged, the Doctor used his Time Lord DNA to activate the Matrix and pour its immense power into the Talons, destroying them into the Void.


  • I' Am The Doctor (voice)
  • Gods and Men (voice)
  • A Shadow On The Glass
  • Time Lord
  • The Remnants of Time