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Tectonics Fee Heme (Pronounced Tech-tonne-ics Fee He-ma) is a mysterious figure who appears before the Doctor after the Dimension Tablet incident, again after the Crimson Hand incident, once more after the Universe bomb incident and another time after the New Year's eve Dalek invasion.



Tectonics Fee Heme appears to be a very friendly person. He cares deeply about time and space. He is fairly secretive and refuses to tell anyone what will happen in their future. He often gives coded messages of things to happen and enjoys watching events unfold. Sometimes he is very dark minded and enjoys watching people in life or death situations. But overall is a nice, caring man.


Tectonics wears a black version of the Tenth Doctor's suit with white pinstripes. He wears black leather shoes with fluorescent orange laces. He also wears black leather biker's gloves with a short green scarf with six watches on his left arm and another three on his right. The six watches on his left all tell different times: one is two hours slow, one is an hour slow, one is half an hour slow, one is half an hour fast, another one is an hour fast and the sixth is two hours fast. On his right the watches all tell the year: one is a year slow, another a year fast and the other 1'297'042 years fast.



  • Tectonics Fee Heme isn't his real name and is an anagram of 'the escence of time'.