Ffion investigates the X Chamber with her father close behind

Days Are Forgotten is the third of 12 parts in the Apocalypse story arc in series 8. It reintroduces Mark Lewis Jones as Farmer Shaw, Ffion's father. It was confirmed after the airing of this episode that Farmer Shaw, now known as David, would become a full time companion along with his daughter. It also introduces recurring character, Harvey, played by Douglas Booth. 


The episode picks up 2 weeks after the previous episode. Ffion is seen creeping round an abandoned house, which she nickname's 'The X Chamber' as it is one of the main bases Mr X uses to distribute the infection. Ffion soon discovers her father is being held prisoner in the basement for knowing to much about the Parasite.

Meanwhile, The Doctor meets Harvey, a young student teacher who saw his whole class, including the teacher, get infected, but only one survived the reanimation stage, a new girl who's name slips his mind. The Doctor recalls a girl in the street outside the two TARDISes. The Doctor thanks Harvey and leaves, as soon as the door is closed, Harvey collapses in pain and becomes an infector and heads towards the Doctor, who is examining the surrounding grounds of the school, unaware that Harvey has turned.

Mr X tells Marvin to find out why the distributor isn't working in distributiation sector B, little do they know that David (AKA Farmer Shaw) has shut of the mains power system, therefore not allowing the distributor to function. Marvin arrives at the scene and discovers the pair snooping around and plans to execute them on the spot.

The Doctor is caught by The Harvey Infector, but when Harvey tastes the Doctors blood, it triggers  the infection to be reversed. The Doctor is unaware of this and begins to think if the infection is only temporarily functioning at the moment. 

Mr X discovers the Doctor's TARDIS and takes it away to be highly secured in a walk-in safe. Mr X laughs and the screen fades to black.


Lara Pulver as The Doctor

Lenora Crichlow as Ffion

Mark Lewis Jones as Farmer David Shaw

Douglas Booth as Harvey

Russell Brand as Mr X

Matt Lucas as Marvin

Lucy Owen as Herself/BBC Wales News Reporter (Cameo/Background)

Behind The Scenes/Trivia

The Doctor mentions Ffion looks very ghost like in her greyish clothing choice, this may be a nod to Lenora Crichlow's other well known character, Annie, a ghost from Being Human.

Harvey is said to be studying Romeo and Juliet during the dreaded lesson, this may be a nod to the fact that Douglas Booth played Romeo in the 2013 film adaption of the play.

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