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The Apocalypse: Fresh Start is the second of 12 parts of the Apocalypse story arc of Series 8. It's the first of two christmas specials and aired on the 24th December 2013. This episode sees the first appearance of main villain, Mr. X, played by Russell Brand, and his companion, Marvin, Played by Matt Lucas.


Set a week after the previous episode, The Doctor successfully creates a new Chameleon Circuit and Time Space Exchanger for her TARDIS (Previously Ffion's old car). It's now bigger on the inside and has turned into a Police Box as they're in London, 1961. Ffion later, coinicidently, breaks the circuit and the TARDIS remains stuck as a Police Box permantly. The pair soon discuss their strategy and decide to head back to London on the exact same date in 2013, Christmas eve to be exact. They land directly above another TARDIS, modelled on a telephone box and encounter the evil Mr. X for the first time, as well as discovering his evils plans to infect the planet.


Lara Pulver as The Doctor

Lenora Crichlow as Ffion Shaw

Suranne Jones as The TARDIS/Idris (Voice/Archive Footage)

Russell Brand as Mr. X

Matt Lucas as Marvin

Dan Starkey as Infected Man (Cameo)

Matt Smith as Infected Professor (Cameo)

Caitlin Blackwood as Infected Child (Cameo)

Behind the Scenes/Trivia

Ffion's number plate is a reference to Doctor Who's 2013 anniversary, as well as Lara Pulver's initials, DW50 LPF