Time SHift is the third of 12 parts in the Apocalypse story arc in series 8. It is debut for recurring Characters, Doctor Masters Snr and Jr played by Tom Baker and David Tennant respectively, as well as ex Doctors and guest star Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy.


The Doctor and Harvey head back to the Doctor's TARDIS and encounter one of Harvey's pupils, Harvey tries to help her, but she runs away.

The Doctor soon discovers the TARDIS is missing and decides to work out which building is Mr X's TARDIS.

Meanwhile, Marvin takes Ffion and David to Doctor Masters Jr and Snr.'s mansion and ask

Mr X's TARDIS (Source: The Doctor Who Art Team)

s for the death draft. The two men refuse and transport Marvin back to Mr X.

The Doctor and Harvey witness Marvin transport back into the street and scurry back into number 22, the Doctor smiles and they solve the fact that it's probably the TARDIS, whem they enter they get more than they bargain for and Mr X has plans for them, but first he's got to deal with a failing Marvin.

Ffion and David are introduced to Mr Kyle and Ebenezer, the Masters family's cook and butler respectively, who are taking part in a mysterious lock down on the house alongside maid, Angharad.


Lara Pulver as The Doctor

Lenora Crichlow as Ffion

Mark Lewis Jones as Farmer David Shaw

Douglas Booth as Harvey

Russell Brand as Mr X

Matt Lucas as Marvin

Sylvester McCoy as Ebenezer

Paul McGann as Mr Kyle

Tom Baker as Doctor Masters Snr.

David Tennant as Doctor Masters Jr.

Layla Morse as Angharad

Caitlin Blackwood as Infected Child (Uncredited)

Behind The Scenes/Trivia

There are various paintings and photographs across the house, including a portrait of David Tennant dressed in his Doctor outfit and Tom Baker in his Doctor costume.

Also, We see Ebenezer, while off duty, using a question mark umbrella and wearing a question mark hat, like his incarnation as the Doctor.

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