The Black Knight is the pilot episode of the new Sarah Jane Adventures a CGI animated series.


Luke has just turned eighteen which means he is officially an adult. An organization calling themselves P.E.F.A. (protect Earth from aliens) is interested in recruiting him as they know about the times he saved Earth. Sarah Jane does not approve of this and thinks P.E.F.A. is suspicious. She won't let him join. Luke is offended and runs off with P.E.F.A. and is upset with Sarah Jane thinking she was over protective. Luke is taken to P.E.F.A. HQ where he meets the head of P.E.F.A., a man who calls himself The Black Knight. The Black Knight claims to have met Luke before and thinks he is familiar. But Luke doesn't remember meeting The Black Knight. He is trained by the head of P.E.F.A. and is told that he must destroy Sarah Jane, Clyde, and Rani. He refuses saying that they are his family. Then the Black Knight puts a device on Luke's forehead that shocks him and makes him fall unconscious. The next day, Clyde goes to Sarah Jane's house wondering where Luke is but an upset Sarah Jane tells him that he has abandoned her and joined P.E.F.A. a suspicious organuzation. Rani suggests that they find a way to infiltrate P.E.F.A. HQ so they can find out what's going on. Then all of a sudden Luke comes with glowing red eyes and the device on his forehead and attacks them. Sarah Jane tries to tell Luke that they are his friends and family but he doesn't listen and continually attacks them. He keeps saying "DESTROY! MUST DESTROY!" and then Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick on the device only to have no effect. They run inside the house as fast as they can locking the brainwashed Luke out. Sarah Jane asks Mr. Smith her computer where P.E.F.A. HQ is. more to be added

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