Template:Infobox storyThe Borderland is the tenth episode of the Common Series, and it features the return of the Master.


Did you miss me? - The Master

The Doctor begins to search for the cause of the cracks in the multiverse, and his search brings him head to head with his not-so-dead archenemy. The Master is back after a miracle escape and claims to be redeemed. Can the Doctor trust him as there's more at work than the two of them.


Following the end of the prevoius episode the Doctor is determined to find the source of the cracks in the multiverse. Since he doesn't know where to start he set's the controls to random and pulls the activation lever. The TARDIS then lands in the midle of a large city which the Doctor recognises as New London, capital city of the Earth 33rd century colony Procyon 5. However something's amis, as the Doctor notices that the colony is technologicly underdeveloped, it's technology being from late 26th century. The Doctor well knowing what happened the last time someone tried to slow down Earth's progres(DW: The Long Game, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways) decides to investigate.

Amy going on her own to explore get's traped inside a warehouse where she's confronted by a strangely looking man in his late twenties. Amy demands to be let out but the man only smiles malevolently and says that "it's time". He then cholroforms her and takes her away.

The Doctor meanwhile discovers that the colony is a police state as evidenced by a protest being crushed by heavily armed SWAT teams. The Doctor is then grabed by one of the protestors, a woman named Ana. Ana reviles that 700 years ago this colony broke of from the Human Empire back then people believed that Earth colonies deserved independance, and the result was a catastophy. Now the people want this colony to rejoin the empire but the current corrupt goverment believes that they can manage on their own, while there's not enough food and houses for every person. Riots like the one the Doctor just saw are happening almost every day and have the same outcome every time.

To be expanded.


The Doctor - Matt Smith

Amy Pond - Karen Gillan

The Master - James McAvoy


  • At the end of the story the Doctor finds the tarot card "Ace of Swords"(which loosely represents learning the truth and/or seeing trough the lie) indicating that he will learn the truth soon.
  • The Master regenerating in to a person matching the Eleventh Doctor's age is another indication that they are the equal and opposite of each-other.
  • This is the first episode in the series not to feature Rory and also the only episode to feature only a single companion.
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