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"Screaming. Endless screaming. In our sleep, we can see it. The old one of the sea!" - Private Harper

A UNIT base's staff is suffering grotesque and vivid nightmares. Even when awake, the visions are still there. Always the same, the coiling monster in the dark, beckoning its victims. The Doctor and Amy must find out the source of this madness and what its intentions are.


In a huge corridor with several different doors, a man in a UNIT uniform frantically runs for his life, constantly looking back. Strange screams or roars are heard as well and the shadow of what appears to be this coiling mess of tendrils chasing the man. The man suddenly trips over and falls, he screams as the roaring and the shadows come closer. He then finds himself waking up and sitting at a chair, being woken up by one of his friends. The man is clearly distraught. He is finally relieved that it was a dream but then turns around and the roars sound again and the soldier's screams of pain are heard but his death is off screen.


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