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The Seventh Doctor takes Ace to a Motte and Bailey castle to increase her gamer skills. However, they get caught in a Norman attack and they are captured and are held in a cell, awaiting execution. Ace trys to escape using Nitro 9, but she accidently sets the castle on fire. They escape from the Normans, but Ace passes the Cheetah Virus on to the knights and are mistaken for a deity and they become the new king and queen. Suddenly, the real king appears and are chased out and fired from a catapault because they are 'sorcerers'. However, they are holding onto a time ring and arrive at a modern day museum. Back at the castle, the Normans wonder at the TARDIS and open it and are shocked at the large interior, and claim it to be the 'sorcerer's ship'. They activate a control and the TARDIS fades off into the vortex...


  • It is uncertian if this episode is going to bemade, since it has been dropped in favour of 'The Unknown Anomaly'. However, that episode is planned to have some very special guest stars. However, if I cannot get them into the episode, I shall revert back to this. If I can make 'The Unknown Anomaly, this will very likely be made as a '50th subscriber story'. If I do not do this episode as a subscriber one, I might to it as a Truth or Fail game and have it as a prize at the end of 2010. Other possibilities for this episode's broadcast I shall do this as a mini episode promoting the series.