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This article was written by Cyberbarber. Please do not make any changes to this fiction without receiving the author's consent.

The China Toy
Genre: Sci-fi
Protagonist: Sarah Jane Smith
River Song
The Eleventh Doctor
Setting: London, 2010
Running Time: 45 minutes
Original Channel: That DWF Channel
Original Run: 23rd November 2010

The China Toy is the series finale of SJA series 4, which says goodbye to luke and K-9, it aired on the 23rd November 2010


London, 3233

"what happened to your friend, Mr. Luke Smith, Gran?" said Janey Song, Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandaughter of Professor Maria 'River' Song, River said, "I never knew, He just disappeared, i need to find him, him and the doctor."

London, 2010

Ding Dong! Sarah-Jane Smith's door bell went off, she answered it, to find a young woman, about 25, named river song, she said, "Smith, We Need the China Toy!"

In this action-packed season finale, The Doctor makes a guest appearance along side the realisation of who River Song is, why is Luke being trapped in the China Toy, why is K-9's Digi-X failing and why Sarah-Jane must make a life-changing decision.


Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith

Thomas Knight as Luke Smith

Yasmin Paige as Maria Jackson/Young River Song

Alex Kingston as River song

Matt Smith as The Doctor

John Leeson as K-9 (Voice)

Anji Moranda as Rani Chandra

Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer

Tallis Mills as The China Boy-Guard

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