The Clown Parade is an episode of the longest running science fiction television show Doctor Who, it starred Matt Smith as The Doctor, Karen Gillian as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory Pond and Alex Kingston as River Song. Stephen Fry guest starred as The Clown King and Bradley Walsh returning as OddBob the Clown from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

TV Synopsis

In Washington, 1937, The Doctor and his companions are reunited with River Song, who is on a mission to find the evil Clown King, who plans the exticnict the human race by kidnapping every single child. Time Travelling drama with the wacky time traveller and friends featuring Matt Smith.


Its festival season in Washington, 1937 and is the season for children to go out and entertain themselves with friends. It is also known as the time of the clowns. But, not all clowns are what they seem, 2 clowns inpaticularly, OddBob and Kingsley. These clowns are thought to be the most entertaining clowns in town to the unknown eye, but to experts, they are the darkest creatures in the galaxy. When the doctor and Amy, along with Rory land in the city just in time for carnival season, they meet River Song, and together try and stop the clowns from their evil plans to wipe out the human race, after Amy and Roru gets kidnapped, The Doctor and River find themselves in the middle of a parade, The Clown Parade and the parade is heading into the main centre of town, will The Doctor make it in time to save his friends and the human race?


Matt Smith - The Doctor

Alex Kingston - River Song

Karen Gillian - Amy Pond and Lara The Clown

Arthur Darvill - Rory Pond and Davis The Clown

Bradley Walsh - OddBob the Clown and President of the Childrens Charity

Stephen Fry - Kingsley the Clown and The King Clown

Variety of children - little Clown soldiers

Behind the Scenes

Bradley Walsh had played OddBob before, in The Sarah Jane Adventures, the happenings of this story are mentioned in the episode he appears in, he appears in the episode after evaporating from the happenings of the episode.

In the last scene, Kingsley was playing a song, and just as the Clown House burnt down, he screamed "The Song Will Never end!", this is a clear reference to the ood.

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