He was a rogue Time Lord who hid on Earth. He used his cooking to turn Humans into Turbs a genetic race he created. He was stopped by the 2nd Doctor who blew up his kitchen killing the Turbs. He escaped in his Tardis disguised as a large pizza oven. (DW:The Cook Of Doom)

He later encountered the 3rd Doctor on Maranius and tried to take his revenge but was foiled again. (DWBIT:Revenge Of The Cook)

Death and Rebirth

He attacked Gallifrey and tried to learn the Matrix secrets. The 7th Doctor entered the Matrix and found the Cook hidden in a cave. The Doctor used an Ultra-Power bomb to destroy the cave but he escaped. The Cook ran deeper into the cave but fell into a bottomless pit. (DW:The Secrets of Time)

The Monk used one of his regenerations to return the Cook. The 2 attempted to kill the 9th Doctor on Maleeanus but Rose used a Bad Wolf gun to send them into a prison.(DWBIT:Holiday to Maleeanus)

During a breakout he ran down a hall but an electro-shield was activated and he was burnt alive.(DW:The Break out)

Behind The Scenes

For those who were not familiar Holiday To Maleeanus Cooks apperance in The Break out suprised them.

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