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"Their one of the resons youre afraid to turn the lights out"

The Creperum are a rare and dangerous parasitical lifeform that have the potential to wipe out whole planets.

Physical Apearance

Their bodies are made out of a black shadow like substance. They have a sickly green belly and purple underbellys on their tentacles. They have a pair of tentacles above and below their arms that secreat a paralysing goo. They have a long tail that ends in a scopion stinger and large black wings that they can conceal in their bodies. The face is a solid grey mask and the eyes are red. The face is ringed by small black tentacles and they have two large uneaven horn on their heads.


  • Telepathy: A prefered method of comunication and attack
  • Super strength: They can lift 5 times their own weight
  • Phasing: Due to their body structure they can melt and travel in shadows.

Life Cycle

The creature begins its life has a spore released from a parent creature. Genrally the spores are harmless with only a small percent being viable to mature. Viable spores are only capable of infecting infants or young children and once they infect a host the spore burries it self in the nervous system. Similar to an earth parasite the creature can manipulate the human immune stystem to ignore it.

They remain hidden inside of the host feeding on nerological impulses; spesificaly those assosiated with strong negative emotions, has a result the host would suffer emotionaly more that normal in a painful situation.

After sevral years the creature will pupate; at this point the host will be coverted from the inside out with the creture replacing the hosts cells and mutating them into an adult Creperum.