The Dalek's Demise is a special episode from the I-Doctor Who Tales series. It ties in with Common Series Project, and is a sequal to Dalek Underground. Magician tarot card


A tarot card is found underground, and is in some way connected to Omega....


It continues from the last episode, With the eleventh doctor trapped in the underground. The Daleks aim their lazer guns at the doctor and FIRE! He gets badly damaged and is forced to regenerate. Before he can finish regeneration, the Magician Tarot Card (at the top right) appears in front of him. He picks it up and returns to his 11th Incarnation. The daleks shoot at him, unable to destroy him. He quickly ducks, the card running out of power. The rubble is smashed down! The doctor quickly runs, sonicing the roof above and making it crumble. He gets to his 6th form and Naomi before he can be crushed, the daleks being trapped inside. The rubble soon enough falls, all the daleks blown up and Omega standing there. He claims that next time, he will destroy the doctor, teleporting away. The two TARDISes are sitting there, Naomi going with the sixth doctor. Both tardises leave, the 11th moving on with Amy and Rory to the next story...

Common Series 1
Divided They Stand  • The Man With Eleven Faces  • Head of Gold  • Why We Fight  • Shine of the Skarkish  • The Gods of Metal  • Tempus Effrego  • The Dimension Tablet  • The Day The Multiverse Cracked  • The Borderland  • The Higher Beings  • The Last Frontier  • The Forgotten Dimension  •


Dalek Underground  • The Dalek's Demise

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