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The Dalek Empire is the series of stories written by Toothless100. The series covers the eleventh Doctor's regeneration into his twelfth, and the various encounters he has, in both his eleventh and twelfth, with the daleks. Most of the stories feature daleks as primary antagonists.


Episode Title Episode Number Notes
New Life 1
Revenge of the Daleks 2 Second part of New Life
The Dalek's Servants 3
Trainee Dalek - Children in Need Special
The Emperor Returns 4
Daleks in Antarctica - Christmas Special
The Hidden Army 5
Invasion of the Daleks 6 Second part of The Hidden Army
The Last of the Daleks 7


Some of the various daleks the Doctor may face in The Dalek Empire.


  • Daleks in Antarctica was deliberately titled in a similar format to the Doctor Who episode Daleks in Manhattan.
  • Daleks in Antarctica, even though it is a Christmas Special, will be published as a serial like all the other episodes, with the first part being posted on Christmas Eve (as the writer has no computer access on Christmas Day)
  • The series is composed of three regular episodes, two two-parters and two specials.
  • Revenge of the Daleks, Invasion of the Daleks and The Last of the Daleks all follow the ______ of the Daleks title format.

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The Daleks were originally created by Terry Nation.