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The Day of Remembrance is the ninth episode of the tenth season of Doctor Who, and is considered the first part of the series finale. The Doctor and Christina arrive on Earth, where the Time Lord seeks to recuperate. It is followed by In My Time of Dying.


"I have been running for all my life, Christina. Now it is time to stop" - The Doctor

After their previous adventure, the Doctor and Christina arrive on Earth, where the Doctor wishes to rest, for unknown reasons. But something sinister is lurking in the shadows, something that could tear the Doctor's life apart.

Season Ten of Doctor Who
The Girl and the Monster  • The Survival of the Daleks  • The New Breed  • Flashlight  • What Ever Happened To Christina?  • The Greatest Game  • The Silence  • Vengeance From The Deep  • Red Sea  • The Day of Remembrance  • In My Time of Dying  • Doom For The Doctor