Template:Infobox story The Day the Multiverse cracked is the ninth episode of the common series and crucial plot point in the Hyper-Reality Crisis storyline.


"This is it, the one day in history where the Multiverse cracks! We have 30 minutes until the Xyvak plan is complete, and the universe begins to fall into the Multiverse!" -The Doctor to Amy

The Doctor is under pressure as the Xyvak get closer to conquering the Multiverse. Karlel is trapped in the chamber containing the Pandorica and Amy and Rory have been taken prisoner by the Xyvak. But the worst thing of all is, is that one of the four have to stay in that timeline, for almost 5000 years. What's more, is that Karlel finds a tarot card, the Magician.


Common Series 1
Divided They Stand  • The Man With Eleven Faces  • Head of Gold  • Why We Fight  • Shine of the Skarkish  • The Gods of Metal  • Tempus Effrego  • The Dimension Tablet  • The Day The Multiverse Cracked  • The Borderland  • The Higher Beings  • The Last Frontier  • The Forgotten Dimension  •


Dalek Underground  • The Dalek's Demise

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