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The Deep End was the 4th episode of the Bluesilver sixth series. It saw the return of the Saturnynians, but not in an antagonistic role.


"A city at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? I see where this is going, Doctor." - Rory

At the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, a group of Saturnynians migrants are building an underwater city. But they didn't come alone. Something has followed them through the rift... and it's very hungry.



Story Notes

  • This episode runs at 55 minutes long rather than the normal 60 minutes.




Bluesilver Series 6

Dreams  • Nightmares  • Morons  • The Deep End • One Moment  • Supernature  • Natural Selection  • Keeping The Peace  • Most Haunted  • The Late Amelia Pond  • Vikings of Egypt  • Still Alive  • Born Anew

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