The Doctor's Nephew is an episode of Doctor Who series 10. It is a Twelvth doctor storie.  It is very similar to the 2008 episode The Doctors daughter.


The Doctor and his young companion Enoch Walters arrive in Bucharest, Romania 1912. The doctor has traveled to Bucharest many times. He likes to go there a lot. They discover that the king is there. He clones people. He is trying to take over Romania with an army of evil clones. The Doctor and Enoch fight off The King and his clones with guns but then The Doctor is knocked unconscious and captured by the clones and the king. Enoch tried to stop them but it was too late. The Doctor awakens in the king's lab. The king takes the doctors DNA and then a sample of India's DNA and puts it in a magical mechanical high tech device. The DNA samples are fused together and they turn into a half human half time lord clone of the doctor. The clone is a young teenager possibly aged 14. The clone is related to the doctor (Exactly like the doctors clone daughter Jenny.) and could be his son or something. The king tries to make the clone his evil minion and orders him to kill the doctor. But he refuses and beheads the king, sending him to his death. He died fast and couldn't regenerate himself. The clone helps the doctor escape. He and the doctor get to know eachother well. They befriend. The doctor and his clone meet up with Enoch. The clone  befriends Enoch. The clone was just created so he doesn't have a name. He decides to be named Keith. They figure out that Keith is somehow the doctors nephew. Even though the king is dead his army of clones still live. The Doctor, Keith, and Enoch must stop them. The clones get too powerful and somehow become cybermen. They are being hunted by the cybermen. There is nothing they can do. But then Keith gets a bright idea. The bright idea is they can find some of the kings lab technology stuff and turn it into a starfighter and run over all of the cybermen and vaporize them. So they do that idea. Keith ends up destroying the cybermen. But there are other clones they are daleks. They destroy Keith's starfighter.


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