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The Doctor-Joel is a hybrid being of the Time Lord known as the Doctor and the human known as Joel Green. He is still the same old Joel. But thanks to being radiated by the regeneration energy of the Eleventh Doctor and seeing into the rift of Space/Time while trying to help reconstruct the TARDIS. Thus, reconstructing Joel's DNA and knowledge of the Time Lord. But still keeping true of his human half.


Joel Green, his given name. Joel inherited his first name by his great grandfather, Edward Joel -last name classified-. But he is also known by two other names, the Doctor and the Doctor-Joel. He got the name, the Doctor, thanks to having a part of the original Doctor. Joel was given the title 'the Doctor-Joel' because it was believed that Joel became a Meta-Crisis. But in later learned that Joel never burned up from being a hybrid. It is believed that Joel looked into a time/space rift while trying to help reconstruct the TARDIS.


Doctor-Joel said to be aging slower than regular humans. Possibly because of his new DNA helix. He has said that his birth age is twenty one. But he has also mentioned that during his time traveling journeys, he added alpha after his birth age along with his time traveling age. Joel is twenty one alpha eighty seven.

"To keep flowing in the correct time flow, I cannot alter my age till my birthday truly comes back around." - Doctor-Joel.


Early Life

Joel was born on June 12th, 1991. Nine years before the twenty first century. Joel has grown up a somewhat normal life. Joel started learning how to draw at age twelve and has been drawing ever since. He loves to draw Animanga type stuff.

Meeting the Doctor

The Birth Of A Hybrid




Before transforming into the Doctor-Joel. Joel was a human. And also near-sighted. Now being a hybrid, Joel is also now known as Near-Human. Dubbing Joel as a Meta-Crisis. He has the DNA of a Time Lord mixed in with his human DNA structure. It has been noted that Doctor-Joel has one heart. But it is unclear if he has the ability to regenerate. He holds a mix consciousness of both species. As Joel is not burnt alive due to being a Meta-Crisis, it is believed it is due to looking into the raw power of space/time.


Doctor-Joel is a husky young man. He stands at five feet and eleven inches. He has shaggy dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. He usually wears loose fitting jeans, Air Speed shoes, t-shirts. He sometimes wears a trench coat or a hoody. On his face, he always wears rectangular glasses.


Since October 11th, 2012. Joel is temporarily using the Doctor's TARDIS till he is able to build his own properly.