This is the first episode of the Doctor Who Fan Series. It is by Head Writer Caged1 and sees the first appearance of the Darkness. Template:Infobox


Colin Ranshall tried to stop himself from yawning. This caving trip was boring. The only good thing was the hot tour guide. A young, twenty something called Misty. This was the only reason he had gone on the tour - seven times. He had been very annoyed when one time Misty had not been the tour guide. He looked at the sta- no, he couldn't pronounce it. Then something happened. A scream - from Misty. He rushed to her aid, as did another male. He glared at the other man - this was his catch. Then he saw what she had screamed. A man was convulsing on the floor. The skin was seeping through his bones, disappearing. Colin went to get him out of the area but it was happening to him. Then all went black as his eyes were crushed by a flow of flesh...


The Doctor danced around the console whilst muttering at Amy and Rory, "Now, we have many beautiful places to visit but you know what one of my favourites is - Wales. There are some brilliant caves. Although, wouldn't go in the one full of massive stone termites from the planet Zog,"

Amy laughed, "Is there seriously a planet called Zog?"

The Doctor looked at her smiling, "Now, there was a good cave. Not Cymtaff, how about Crymtos. I had a friend who worked there. A tour guide, Berny. Wonder if she still works there,"

With that the TARDIS headed through the vortex towards a certain Welsh cave...

Bernice peered over at the myterious Misty. The trouble had begun when she had arived, two months ago. Now, with thirteen dead Berny needed to contact her friend. They had met twice. Once in Paris, when she had met some robots called 'Cybermen' when he was old but also here in the cave when he had spiky brown hair and they were facing the Vashta Nerada. Two faces, one mad man but how would he look this time?

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