Template:Infobox storyThe Forgotten Dimension is the thriteenth episode and the second of the Common Series's two part finale.


It is time for the end - Omega.

The multiverse is dying out, the Doctor and his companions are the last hope for the whole of reality. But how can the Doctor stop an unstopable foe form destroying the multiverse. The answer lies in the Forgotten Dimension.



The Doctor - Matt Smith

Amy Pond - Karen Gillan

River Song - Alex Kingston

Karlel Arcadius - Luke Pasqualino

Kale Phoenix - Thomas Law

Jennifer Locke - Kate Beckinsale

Morbius - Luke Ford

Omega - Jason Isaacs

Naomi Long - self

Common Series 1
Divided They Stand  • The Man With Eleven Faces  • Head of Gold  • Why We Fight  • Shine of the Skarkish  • The Gods of Metal  • Tempus Effrego  • The Dimension Tablet  • The Day The Multiverse Cracked  • The Borderland  • The Higher Beings  • The Last Frontier  • The Forgotten Dimension  •


Dalek Underground  • The Dalek's Demise

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