The Angel Queen questions the Doctor

The Forgotten Stone is a one off adventure featuring the 11th Doctor. He is joined by UNIT and Torchwood Snowdonia leader, Mair Stone. It also features the Weeping Angels. It was aired in summer 2012.

Broadcast Synopsis

The Doctor is reunited with UNIT at Snowdonia while on a well earned skiing holiday. But when the Doctor accidently causes a avalanche, a colony of forgotten artefacts are discovered, amongst them, Weeping Angels. Brilliant adventures starring Matt Smith and Norma Dumezweni as The Doctor and Captain Magambo.


The Doctor lands on the top of Mount Snowdon, only to find he's landed on the top of a UNIT Air roof. He is brought deep into the heart of the base and is reunited with Captain Erisa Magambo, who tells the Doctor he can go skiing if he wants, an over the moon Doctor takes some Skiing gear and goes down the highest point, after scanning his skis to make him go faster, he finds the entire shell of the mountain is coated in interesting stone artefacts. Soon, the entire UNIT base is snowed in, with one of the Artefacts roaming the corridors, looking for its sisters. Soon, Magambo and the Doctor seem to be the only people either of them can trust, as they discover UNIT Snowdonia wasn't all what it seems, the mysterious Mair Stone arrives and takes sides. Soon the Angel Queen kidnaps the Doctor and Magambo and begins the reason she came here, to resurrect her family, risking the lives of 100s of UNIT personnel in the proccess.


The 11th Doctor - Matt Smith

Captain Erisa Magambo - Norma Dumezweni

Mair Stone - Judi Dench

Angel Queen - Aga Blonska/Elen Thomas


Captain Magambo appeared in both Turn Left (Parallel World) and Planet of The Dead

UNIT Snowdonia appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode 'The Death of the Doctor'

This is the Weeping Angels' 3rd story and 5th Episode

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