Template:Infobox NewTV The Frozen Earth is the fifth episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, featuring the Ice Warriors. The episode is the second part of a two part story arc, resolving the events of Mars and Venus.


"You cannot hope to defeat the Ice Warriors, we are the mightiest and most powerful in your universe. This is a war you cannot win!" - Commander Izaryx

As the Earth rapidly freezes, the Doctor and Billy struggle to defeat Commander Izaryx and his Ice Warriors. With the help of Doctor Isabella Cartwright, the Doctor and Billy foil their plan by destroying the restored Ice Warrior ship, and Izaryx and his men are destroyed with it. The Earth returns to its normal state, and the Doctor invites Isabella to join him the TARDIS, but will she accept such a task?


The episode received mostly positive reviews, with critics agreeing it resolved the story arc effectively and introduced the companion of Isabella Cartwright without it feeling forced.

Season Eight of Doctor Who
In The Beginning  • New Dublin  • No Tricks  • Mars and Venus  • The Frozen Earth  • Count the Shadows  • The Doctor and the Demon  • Serpent's Tongue  • Phoenixfire  • The Omens  • Into the Void  • The Infinite Realm  •

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