The Grave Haunters are an alien species of unknown origin. They are called the Grave Haunters because they like to hunt around dead bodies.



The Grave Haunters are humanoid in shape but tend to lean forwards slightly. Their faces are naturally grey and scarred. They constantly have blood shot eyes and they have four rows of extremely sharp teeth. They are completely bald and have four blunt spikes on the back of their heads. When they kill a human and drink their blood, the Grave Haunter's face changes and look like a deformed version of the person with no hair. Their spines can be seen pressed against skin. They have clawed, bony fingers that are sharper than knives. After a few days without drinking blood or eating living flesh, their body starts shriveling up.

Their legs are very thin. However, they can run really fast.

Powers & Abilities

The Grave Haunters are very faster, being able to out run any human. When they drink blood, they get stronger and faster, similar to Vampires. How this happens is unknown. They can jump higher than a human, reaching heights of around 10-15ft. They can throw heavy objects like grave stones without ease, but only when it has drunk enough blood. Grave Haunters can also dig tunnels at a rate faster than any living thing on Earth.




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