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The Guardians is a spin-off series from Doctor Who which features the Time Lord survivor Morbius(not to be confused with the villain Morbius) and the Doctor's daughter Jenny, as the main protagonists. Series 1 is set to air in summer 2010 and it will consist of 13 45-minute episodes.


The series is a hybrid between Doctor who and Blake's 7 and it has similar themes to both Doctor who and Torchwood. It focuses on the Guardians, a team of two Time Lords(Morbius & Jenny), two time agents(Jack & Allan), and a journalist(Sam). Together they explore time and space, face aliens and villains, and right wrongs.


Main Article: List of characters in The Guardians

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Series 1 (2010)

Main article: Series 1 (The Guardians)

Series 1 focuses on the origins of the Guardians, and follows a loose story arc concerning how Morbius, The Controller and other creatuers escaped the Time War.

Title Writer PC
1a. The Darkest Hour (Part 1) Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh 1.1
1b. The Breaking Dawn (Part 2) Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh 1.2
2. The Space Gangster Phil Ford 1.3
3. Meta-Crissis Steven Moffat 1.4
4a. The Might of the Daleks (Part 1) Russel T Davies & Martin McIntosh 1.5
4b. The Best of Both Worlds (Part 2) Russel T Davies & Martin McIntosh 1.6
5. Space Swap Simon Nye 1.7
6. The Degradation of Time Martin McIntosh 1.8
7a. A Call to Arms (Part 1) Mark Gatiss 1.9
7b. A Dark Collective (Part 2) Mark Gatiss 1.10
8. Old Times in New York Helen Raynor 1.11
9a. The Rift Opens (Part 1) Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh


9b. The Rift War (Part 2) Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh 1.13

Special (2010)

A two-part Christmas special is set to air In December 2010. Produced by Peter Bennet, and co-writen by Steven Moffat and Martin McIntosh.

Title Writer PC
10a. A Christmas Break (Part 1) Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh 2.X1
10b. Dust and Decay (Part 2) Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh 2.X2

Series 2 (2011-12)

Main article: Series 2 (The Guardians)

Series 2 will consist of 18 episodes creating a series of events leading from episode to episode.

Title Writer PC
11. Infinite Decay Martin McIntosh 2.1
12. Ambush James Moran 2.2
13. 35 Minutes Steven Moffat 2.3
14a. Mistfall (Part 1) Martin McIntosh 2.4
14b. Endless Entropy (Part 2) Martin McIntosh 2.5
15. Thermodynamics Pip & Jane Baker 2.6
16. The Countdown Chris Chibnall 2.7
17a. Queen of Diamonds (Part 1) Martin McIntosh 2.8
17b. The Time of War (Part 2) Martin McIntosh 2.9
18 Art of Time Chris Chibnall 2.10
19 The Wall Pip & Jane Baker 2.11
20a. Counterpoint (Part 1) Mark Gatiss 2.12
20b. Anti-Time (Part 2) Mark Gatiss 2.13
21 Double Cross James Moran 2.14
22 Mirrored Fates Steven Moffat 2.15
23a. Human Error (Part 1) Martin McIntosh 2.16
23b. Hope and Fear (Part 2) Martin McIntosh 2.17
23c. The Big Game (Part 3) Martin McIntosh 2.18

TV Movies (2012)

Title Writer PC
24. The Guardians Origins: Morbius Martin McIntosh 2.19
25. The Guardians: Redemption Martin McIntosh & Steven Moffat 2.20

Series 3 (2013)

Main article: Series 3 (The Guardians)

Title Writer PC
26. New Horizons Martin McIntosh 3.1
27. First Srtike Martin McIntosh 3.2
28. The Silent Enemies Justin Richards 3.3
29a. Friday the 13th (Part 1) Tom MacRae 3.4
29b. The Ultimate Paradox (Part 2) Tom MacRae 3.5
30. Sight Unseen Steven Moffat 3.6
31. Nuclear Time Oli Smith 3.7
32a. Sins of the Son (Part 1) Martin McIntosh 3.8
32b. The Ravages of Time (Part 2) Martin McIntosh 3.9
33. Reality Check Matt Jones 3.10
34. Calm Before the Storm Martin McIntosh 3.11
35a. The Children of Chaos (Part 1) Martin McIntosh 3.12
35b. The End of All These Things (Part 2) Martin McIntosh 3.13

TV Movies (2013)

Title Writer PC
36. The Guardians: Reckoning Martin McIntosh 3.14
37. The Guardians Origins: Allan Smith Martin McIntosh 3.15

Series 4 (Revalations)(2014)

Main article: The Guardians: Revelations

Title Writer PC
38a. Revalations - Day 1: The Fallen Hero Martin McIntosh & Steven Moffat 4.1
38b. Revalations - Day 2: Hunted Steven Moffat 4.2
38c. Revalations - Day 3: Origins Martin McIntosh 4.3
38d. Revalations - Day 4: The Conspiracy Martin McIntosh & Steven Moffat 4.4
38e. Revalations - Day 5: Shockwave Martin McIntosh 4.5
38f. Revalations - Day 6: Choosing Sides Steven Moffat 4.6
38g. Revalations - Day 7: The Final Hour Martin McIntosh & Steven Moffat 4.7

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