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A Dark Collective is the tenth episode of the first series of The Guardians.

A Dark Collecive
Writer: Mark Gatiss
Story number: 07b
Enemy: The Darksmith Collective
Setting: Mallcasairo
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: A Call to Arms
Following Story: Old Times in New York


Embrace the darkness Mallmoths. - High Minister Drakon.

The Guardians make a shocking discovery. As they get closer to the truth, the Darksmiths show their true power. It's a life or death situation, and Santho's choice will decide the fate of his world.


To be added


Morbius - Luke Ford

Jenny - Georgia Moffett

Jack Reynolds - Sendhil Ramamurthy

Allan Smith - Milo Ventimiglia

Samantha Jones - Indira Varma

Santho - Paul Kasey

High Minister Drakon - Paul Marc Davis

Sister Helen - Helena Bonham Carter

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