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The Breaking Dawn
Writer: Steven Moffat & Martin McIntosh
Story number: 01b
Enemy: The Controller, The Cybermen.
Setting: Earth 02 May 2010
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: The Darkest Hour
Following Story: The Space Gangster

The Breaking Dawn is the second episode of the two-part pilot episode of The Guardians.


It's time to die Morbius - The Controller.

Morbius, Jenny, Jack, Allan, Santho and Sam escape from The Controller's ship to an abandoned Time Lord battleship The Proector, but can they stop The Controller and his Cyber-army from taking over the Earth!


Following the previous episode the Controller's plan is in full force. Now that he has the Warp Generator installed, his ship is impervious to any attack, it's not long before he launches the invasion of Earth. Meanwhile in the holding cells Morbius explains his relationship with the Controller. He says that initially they were friends but their paths divided when the power hungry Controller atempted to take over Gallifrey. Morbius had no choice but to stop him but not before he highjacked a Black Hole Carirer and escaped, swearing that one day he'll have his revenge. Morbius and the Controller clashed several times afterwards on diferent planets untill their final battle at the Cynosian Sistem. The Controller's ship was never seen or heard from again and the Controller was asumed dead. When he finishes his story he produces the Laser spanner which he hid when he was stunned by the Cybermen, and manages to escape from his cell by activating a fire alarm with it and trigering the emergency protocols opening the rest of the cells. The now freed group uses an internal transmat node to transport to the ship's armory and regain their weapons so that they can be ready for the Cybermen. Meanwhile the Controller notices that the prisoners have escaped and orders the nearest Cybermen to recapture them.

Back in the armory Jack discovers that his Vortex Manipulator doesn't work anymore, and Morbius explains that in order to escape they'll need to disable the ship's Vortex Magnerton which is preventing them from escaping via Vortex Manipulators or any other method of time travel. En route to the magnetron the team is ambushed by Cybermen but Morbius atempts to distract them with his Laser spanner but they see through the ruse, forcing Morbius to use the crystal. Once again he fires the laser beam into the crystal which fractures into many multi-coloured beams slicing several Cybermen in half, and buying the group enough time to reach the magnetron. The group seals itself into the Vortex Magnetron chamber but this leaves them trapped as Cybermen are pounding at every exit. Morbius then explains that they need more equipment if they are to defeat the Controller, he then flips a switch and the power dies down. More to be added.