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The Might of The Daleks is the fifth episode of the first series of The Guardians and the first of a two-part story featuring the Daleks.

The Might of The Daleks
Writer: Steven Moffat
Story number: 04a
Enemy: The Dalek Empire
Setting: Present-day Earth
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: Meta-Crissis
Following Story: The Best of Both Worlds


Morbius will be exterminated!!! - Supreme Dalek.

Soon after the Sontaran crissis, the Protector is ambushed by a Dalek Saucer, the Daleks capture Jenny and experiment on her. When the team rescues her they discover that she has been injected with the Dalek Factor, which will slowlly overwhelm her mind. Morbius atempts to find a cure and discovers a hidden Time Lord outpost on Earth, racing to Earth they discover that the outpost's activation signal has alerted the Daleks.


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Morbius - Luke Ford

Jenny - Georgia Moffett

Jack Reynolds - Sendhil Ramamurthy

Allan Smith - Milo Ventimiglia

Samantha Jones - Indira Varma