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This article was written by Guardian 14. Please do not make any changes to this fiction without receiving the author's consent.

The Rift Opens

Steven Moffat

Martin McIntosh(uncredited)

Story number: 09a
  • The Controller
  • Daleks
  • Skaro Degradations
  • Horde of Travesties
  • Army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres
Setting: Earth 2010, Earth 3021.
Format: 1x45 minute format
Previous Story: Old Times in New York
Following Story: The Rift War

The Rift Opens is the twelfth episode of the first series of The Guardians and the first of the two-part series finale.


"It was a dark day, I never expected that this would happen. But here it is, a dark shadow falls across creation, old enemies are returning trough the dark and the fire of war. This day was the day in which the rift opend and darkness fell." - Morbius.



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