The home of Dr. Who first episode of season 5. In the story, get to know the new Doctor's companion Agatha Holmes.


Agatha Holmes paleontologist is a free baryonix skeleton, when eggs are of a similar object. The object of an antennainside the popup and then disappear the next moment.

During the 10th Doctor just regenerates the Tardis, but insidethe vehicle suddenly teleports to the object found by Agatha.The course opens the interior, and includes bits of the Doctorregenerative energy.

The Doctor begins to follow the object to Earth. Agatha was sent during the excavation. A park in sorrow, when the soul withhits. Soon after the TARDIS arrives. The Doctor examines theobject turns out to be gathering energy. Suddenly he teleports.

The Doctor follows the trail of energy, go to Amazon. SubjectContacts The name, it turns out that a probe berseker.Inhabited planets destroyed. The Doctor tries to stop him butfails. Agatha would come, says the extinction of dinosaurs.

Contacts believe that the artists he created a better structure,and then deactivated. The Doctor wants to take home toAgatha, but she wants a road. Leonardo da Vinci era.


- The Doctor suggests that he met Agatha Christie. This occurred at the Unicorn and the Wasp episode

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