The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves in a remote Scandinavian village where there have been tales of a huge ice wolf attacking and killing villagers. When the beast strikes the TARDIS team head out with a hunting party to track down and capture the wolf. But this is more than any large wolf, its an alien and its hungry


In 1890 a young Gregovich is walking through the snow with his friend Yuri after a long day hunting in the wilderness. Out in the darkness something is watching them. Yuri begins to spook Gregovich, commenting on the full moon and the legend of the werewolf (A monster that has always scared Gregovich). Gregovich shoves him away and Yuri runs off laughing and taunting Gregovich. Suddenly Yuri screams and there is a large snarl in the dark. Gregovich panicks and begins to shout for his friend, there is a growl behind him and Gregovich runs. He stumbles and falls at the bottom of a hill, the clouds part to reveal a full moon that illuminates the hilltop. A shadowy form of a huge wolf appears on the hilltop, Gregovich is speechless, then the wolf lets out a unearthly howl and Gregovich screams as the beast bears down on him.

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