Template:Infobox NewTV The Infinite Realm is the twelfth and final episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, which sees the culmination of the events in Into the Void, and indeed majority of the series.

It is the last episode to feature companion Isabella Cartwright.


"The words have followed you Doctor, one will die! One will die! And I will be the one to destroy you!" - Omega

The Doctor and his companions are powerless to stop the mysterious planet from hurtling into an anti-matter dimension, the realm of the Time Lord Omega, seeking revenge on the Time Lords and the Doctor, and also to re-assert his god-like power. As the planet transports into the anti-matter realm the Doctor struggles to stop Omega, but is helpless as an anti-matter horde begins to pour onto the planet, to rejoin with their master Omega. And as the Doctor was told by the White Guardian, one will die.


The episode received general acclaim. Critics praised the emotional impact of Isabella's death, as well as Tom Harper's performance as the Doctor, and Omega as a convincing and entertaining villain.

Season Eight of Doctor Who
In The Beginning  • New Dublin  • No Tricks  • Mars and Venus  • The Frozen Earth  • Count the Shadows  • The Doctor and the Demon  • Serpent's Tongue  • Phoenixfire  • The Omens  • Into the Void  • The Infinite Realm  •

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