The King was an evil renegade time lord from the planet Gallifrey. He was an enemy of the doctor. And also Captain Jack. The king was a terrible person. He smelled terrible too. To the doctor he did.


Early life

Grabjov Klinghans was born on the planet Gallifrey the same day the doctor was. He was born on the same afternoon the doctor was. Grabjov grew up on Gallifrey. He was good friends with the doctor, the rani, and the master. He loved them like siblings. He often said they were the most awesome friends on Gallifrey. Grabjov became known as the fighter. Later there was the time war. The great time war.. The fighter  fought as hard as he could. He slayed many daleks and other enemies but then he was killed by a dalek. The fighter regenerated. He was a little old during the time war. After regenerating he was younger and stronger. In this incarnation the fighter became very dark. He betrayed his own friends. He made an alliance with the daleks and even the cybermen. The fighter changed his name to the king. He became known as the king because he wanted to be the king of Gallifrey very much when he became evil.

Later life

The king had several duels with the third doctor but always lost. He was always using evil plans that got foiled by the doctor! Later he was enemies with the master. He was brutally injured in a duel with him. Then he died. He regenerated a second time. In this new incarnation he was even more evil and powerful. Much later he fought the fifth doctor and accidentally killed himself with a blaster gun. Everyone thought he was long gone and would never regenerate.

the king has returned

The time lord the king had returned years later. He was somehow ressurected. He battled the seventh doctor. He regenerated again. Then he was accidentally pushed into a pit of lava and disintegrated.

the king second coming

The king had returned again. But he was in human form. His disguise name was Dr Nigel Louis Stephens.

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