The London Battle was a cancelled second series of Simon Pegg's adventures as the Doctor, It was written before the finale of The Nightmare People, so the death of Hannah was unknown at the time. 

The Planned Story

The second series of the popular mini-series with Simon Pegg, Nikki Smith, John Barrowman and Pauline Collins on the helm.

Press Released Plot/Synopis

In the second Mini-Series, The Doctor and Co. arrive in London, 1842 where the Crystal palace is on the brink of colapse, but not due to glass frames, due to aliens.

Queen Victoria is Proud to Open 'The Chrystal Palace' in Hyde Park, Until she is snatched by who is thought to be Professor Dimms...


Simon Pegg as The Doctor

Nikki Smith as Hannah Murray

John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness

Pauline Collins as Queen Victoria

Anthony Head as Prince Albert

Noah Smith as Pr. Dimms

Nick Briggs as the voice of the Cybermen

Behind The Scenes

Nikki Smith was originally going to remain in the series, but had to leave due to personal circumstances.

Lea Michele was offered a full time role, replacing Hannah as Simone, but turned it down due to commitments with Glee and filming of 'New Years Eve'.

Simon Pegg revealed that his Doctor would have developed more throughout the series if he had continued in the role.

John Barrowman was devastated when his agent informed him the series had been cancelled.

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