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The Long Road
Genre: Sci-fi
Antagonist: Omega
Protagonist: Tenth Doctor (regenerates)
Eleventh Doctor (intoduction)
Setting: Atorva, 20010
Earth 2005
Various Others
Running Time: 60 minutes
Previous Episode: Fields of Despair
Next Episode: The Eleventh Hour (plot wise)
Oceans (BlS Episode)


The newly revived Omega runs rampant down The Doctors personal timeline, erasing his life moment by moment. The only hope for The Doctor lies in Eden Citadel, where Omega manifested, but can he journey the Long Road that lies ahead of him in time? And with the deadly Baldandelus still roaming Edens streets, can he make it at all?

Story Notes

  • This is an unusual case of The Doctor regenerating in the middle of a story. The Tenth Doctor, who is shot by Baldandelus in Eden, regenerates a mere 25 minutes into the story. Good thing he did really, good old explosive regeneration was more than enough to destroy Baldandelus.
    • This is also the first story to establish the physical power of the energy generated by regeneration, with the Tenth Doctor being able to aim the destructive energy ay Baldandelus and disintegrate him, as well as destroy several houses.

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