"The Lost City of Atlantis" is the fourth episode in the ninth series of the British science fiction televisionTemplate:Infobox story series Doctor Who. This episode features Atlantians and the Sea Devils. It was broadcast on BBC1, BBC HD, ABC1, Space and BBC America. This episode is the second appearance of Osto, The Doctors son (Father of Susan)

This episode features timelord The Doctor (Matt Smith) and computer genius companion (Jenna-Louise Coleman) and witty son of the Doctor, Osto (Benedict Cumberbatch). The Doctor takes Oswin to the underwater city of Atlantis where Osto has been trapped for 3 months in a containment prison by the Sea Devils who are at the verge of war against the sunken Atlantians so the Doctor has to try and set out on a peace mission.


The Doctor and Oswin are one day bored in the TARDIS so the Doctor takes Oswin to the Lost City of Atlantis where the Osto has been taken captive from the Sea Devils

rwater cousins of the Silurians, The Sea Devils who are planning to wage war on the Atlantians a peaceful race of technology and simplicity where the technology is 4000 years ahead of Earths techology when Clara gets locked up with Osto in the Sea Devil prison the Doctor must go on a peace mission to stop war under the sea


"The Lost City of Atlantis" was inspired by Matt Smiths dream to goto the Lost City of Atlantis in the TARDIS so JR wrote the episode in the idea that Matt Smith would like filming it, When it came to filming a lot was on a green screen then sometimes it was in water. The production team had to design all the swimming gear and redesign the Sea Devils aswell as designing the Atlantians (Mermaids/Mermen) which were the tail fins and bodywear

Cast & Crew

Matt Smith - The Doctor

Oswin - Jenna Louise Coleman

Osto - Benedict Cumberbatch

Sea Devil 1 - Nicholas Pegg

Sea Devil 2 - Brian Nicholson

King of the Atlantians - Mark Riddles

President of the Atlantians - Louis Aren

Atlantian Child - Luke Ellis

Atlantian Guard 1 - Frank Doster

Atlantian Guard 2 - Tim Dolt



Writer - JR

Producer - Alesha Peaul

Director - Alex Tyie

Executive Producer - Caroline Skinner


"The Lost City of Atlantis" was broadcast on 19th July 2014 on BBC One and BBC America in the United States and on Space in Canada it Premiered on the 26th July 2014 on ABC1 in Australia and in Russia Channel1 Russia in Russia on 26th July 2014 aswell and o

n SLBC in Sri Lanka on 2nd of August

The Lost City of Atlantis


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