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The Master's Movie Mania is an imprint company of Cat Flap Productions, focusing on videos.

2007 Productions

Season 28

Season 28 was a cancelled Seventh Doctor season. Only scripts were written, and few were original ideas. Most of the episodes wee based on gallifrey101's Doctor Who picture and text stories. The original stories will be remade for audio in 2010.

2008 Productions

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Stolen Earth

The Stolen Earth is based on the Dr. Who episodes, but from Sarah Jane's point of view. Due to technical problems, the only copy is on Roxio Videowave, and cannot be put in a movie format, freezing at the end when the Doctor says goodbye to Sarah Jane just before the credits. Please help me on this page's discussion so I can put it in the right format.

Season 6B

Season 6B is a cancelled Second Doctor season. Only clips of the first episode, The Sontarans, the third episode Crash of the Titans (or Bus Crash), and the fourth episode Blind Ice Man's Bluff remain. It was filmed in black and white and will be remade for audio in 2010.

Attack of the Cheetahs

Attack of the Cheetahs is a fan movie at Taverham Junior School's iMovie club. It starred Peter Webb, Lucy Gibbon, Oliver Riley and Georgia Watson. It was remade for audio in 2009.

2009 Productions

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Chute!

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Chute! is an edit of the episode of Chute! featuring Luke and Clyde, but without the short video clips.