Template:Infobox story The New Doctors is Doctor Who's two-part 50th Aniversary special featuring the return of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant in their roles as the 9th and 10th Doctor as well as the return of many companions from the new series.


Part 1

Not even the Doctor can stand in MY way! - Mysterious Enemy.

The Doctor's 9th, 10th and 11th selves are taken from their time periods along with their companions and dumped into an arena where they face their greatest enemies in battle. However there's a mysterious and malevolent being behind it all and he's not willing to reason with the Doctor.

Part 2

I love it when a plan comes together. - Mysterious Enemy.

The Doctors are separated and with the whole of creation at stake. They must regroup and find the one responsible for it all or face being trapped forever while the universe is plunged into chaos and destruction.




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