The New Ones were one of the four main cults within Silver Eden in 3002, and possibly the only sect not wanting to kill the supposedly 'Chosen One' when he arrived with the Doctor. In fact, they seemed a peaceful group of people who only seemed threatening because of their eagerness to get to the Child like the other three. Amy Pond referred to them as 'space hippies'.


The New Ones believed that the 'old regime' of tyrannical gods and oppressive ideals on 'non-believers' to be archaic and wrong. They believed a universal state of mind, where a lone saviour would come to bring serenity across the stars by spreading his power to every lifeform in existence.

The Child's role

The Child is possibly this lone saviour that the New Ones believed would unite the Universe, as his powers were great enough to speak to everyone in Silver Eden easily. They wanted to train him to enhance his power and speak his words throughout the galaxies.


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