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The Night of The Slitheen was a cancelled episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures, originally planned for series 6 (2013) and was written by Mark Gatiss, it would have been Gatiss' first episode penned for the series.

It would have introduced Yashmi, Rani's cousin, as well as her uncle and aunt, Meera and Rasheed, However, the script never went into pre-production, meaning the guest cast were never cast.


Sarah Jane and Sky decide to head to Devon for a weekend break, relying on Rani and the Chandra's to look after the house. When Haresh suggests that his sister and his family stay at the Smith house, Rani is reluctant, but unfortunately gives in. After two days of things going calmly, Mr Smith's alarm goes off while Rani's aunt and uncle are drinking tea at her house, But when Rani and Clyde arrive, they find Yashmi shuting off the alarm, shocked, they soon discover that he's an alien expert back in Cardiff, and once stopped an entire race of aliens called the Slitheen and locked them in his temperal shifting highly secure suitcase. Rani and Clyde look at each other, realising they know the species and run to Yashmi's room and discover the suitcase has been bust open, When Rani asks Mr Smith why the alarm was set off, he said he was warning them that the slitheen had escaped and head straight into London. Moments later, Sarah Jane and Sky return and Clyde reveal all. Sarah Jane decides it's time to head into the city and stop it before the night of the Slitheen begins.


  • Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
  • Anji Mohindra as Rani Chandra
  • Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer
  • Sinead Michell as Sky Smith
  • Unknown as Yashmi Amhed
  • Unkown as Meera Amhed
  • Unknown as Rasheed Amhed
  • Ace Bhati as Haresh Chandra
  • Alexander Armstrong as Mr Smith (Voice)