the nightmare child

The Nightmare People Episode One was the first of a 3 part mini-series and the first series of the doctor and hannah series, it features Simon Pegg as The Doctor and Nikki Smith as Hannah Murray.


"i just don't understand" says the girl nextdoor when you talk to her, but when Hannah speaks, she's very, very different in this brand new adventure, with Simon Pegg as the Nutty Time Traveller.

Time ceases to exist in Berbank, California, when Hannah Murray desturbs the girl nextdoor, but when the Doctor and his TARDIS turns up the girl and the Grandmother begin their feed, as it arrives at Hannah's....


Simon Pegg as The Doctor

Nikki Smith as Hannah Murray

Chloe Grace Moretz as The Girl

Betty White as The Grandmother

Behind the scenes

The Doctor refers to his previous encounter with ghosts, he also references a line from 'A Tale of Two Cities', therefore referencing to The Unquiet Dead.


The nightmare people episode two

The nightmare people: the final battle/episode three

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