Template:Infobox NewTV The Omens is the tenth episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, set on the dead planet of Rauchor. It is seen as the third and final episode in a story arc featuring the White Guardian.


"It is the Ch’tar, not us noble K’authon that bring the Internal Dark to form!" - Ganden, leader of the K’authon

After averting a historical disruption in 1192, the White Guardian appears once more in the TARDIS, and instructs the Doctor and his companions to journey to the dead planet of Rauchor where they will find answers, and leaves the Doctor with a message: “He is being reborn. The crafter of Gallifrey”. When they arrive on Rauchor the Doctor becomes increasingly erratic, as the time travellers must deal with two warring factions. Can the doctor learn the truth on the bitter planet, or will he be doomed to linger there without the TARDIS?


The Omens received mostly positive reviews from television critics. Praise went to the writing and storyline, with one critic noting that "Doctor Who has always had something to say, and the commentary in The Omens is never too overwhelming that it takes anything away from the episode".

Season Eight of Doctor Who
In The Beginning  • New Dublin  • No Tricks  • Mars and Venus  • The Frozen Earth  • Count the Shadows  • The Doctor and the Demon  • Serpent's Tongue  • Phoenixfire  • The Omens  • Into the Void  • The Infinite Realm  •

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